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Our comprehensive personal income tax services cover the preparation of the annual federal income tax Form 1040 and associated state filings.

We prepare federal and state extensions, including estimates, for situations where all necessary documents may not be available before deadlines.

We also handle the preparation of US-required informational forms for offshore holdings. Additionally, our team offers federal and state income tax audit representation, providing clients with the assurance and support needed during audit proceedings. 

Beyond standard tax filings, our services include the preparation of estate and trust tax returns, as well as addressing gift tax considerations.

Our goal is to ensure accurate and compliant tax filings, offering peace of mind to our clients as they navigate the complexities of personal income taxes.

Summary of Personal Tax Forms Prepared

  • Form 1040 - Annual federal income tax returns for individuals and related state filings
  • Form 7004 - Federal and state extensions, inclusive of estimates
  • Forms 114, 926, 5471, 8621, 8865 - US required informational forms for offshore holdings
  • Form 1041 - Estate and trust tax returns and related state filings
  • Form 709 - Gift tax returns 

Personalized tax support that goes beyond compliance.

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